Tyndall Card Controls

Monitor and manage your card from anywhere, at any time.

The Tyndall Cards app puts card control in the palm of your hands and adds an extra layer of security. Your smartphone is already part of your everyday life, so why not use it to help monitor and manage your Tyndall debit or credit card?

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Getting started is easy! Download the app called Tyndall Cards from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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Card Controls
Turn your card on or off - instantly - with a single swipe of your finger. Lost your card? No problem. Just log into the app and turn it off. When you find it, you can just as easily turn it back on. Other controls include suspend your card, set a transaction limit and restrict transactions.


Get instant transaction alerts when your card is used, so you can watch for suspicious activity on your card. Set your alerts by transaction amount, gas station, ATM withdrawals and more.


Balance and Transaction History
View your balance and up to 30 of your most recent card transactions.


Link Card
Link your card account information from the app into your mobile wallet. Then, you can easily begin making secure purchases in store and online with your mobile device.


Travel Notifications
Update your travel plans. A travel notice will reduce unnecessary declines, so you can travel with peace-of-mind.


Rewards Points
View your rewards details right from the app! Redeem your points or see your available points, points earned, points redeemed and points expiring.


Manage PIN
Easily update your Tyndall card(s) PIN right from the app! Must enter your current PIN in order to update PIN.

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