Purchase Rewards

Get cash back on the things you already buy! That’s how smart online banking can be.

When you log into your account, have you ever noticed links in your transaction history that look like this?

Purchase Rewards Listing

That’s a Purchase Rewards offer, and it’s one of the features that makes Online Banking your new best friend. When you make a purchase in a specific category, Purchase Rewards serves up special offers you might be interested in. And if you decide to take advantage of them you can earn cash back!

It’s easy and FREE! Here’s how it works.



Just select the cash-back offers in your Online Banking or mobile app account that you want to use.



Shop with your Tyndall Check Card in stores or online to automatically redeem your offers when you pay.


Reap the Rewards.

Enjoy cash back deposited right into your account at the end of the next month.

No coupons to clip — no rebate forms to submit.

Things to remember:

  • Read the offer carefully. Some are only valid at the store, while others may only be valid online at the merchant's web site or through a specific link. There may also be purchase restrictions, a redemption code, etc. in the offer; please read each offer carefully to be sure you will qualify for the refund.
  • Discounts are not applied at the point of purchase. Purchase Rewards are refunded to you the following month.
  • Activating an offer does not mean you have to make a purchase at that merchant. Just like with a coupon, if you don't use it, it doesn't matter. So go ahead and activate any offer you think you might use — just in case you happen to go to that store or that restaurant.

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