Enjoy the convenience of having your paycheck, Social Security, pension, retirement check, etc., deposited directly into your account at Tyndall Federal Credit Union.

The money is deposited into your account as soon as it is received and is available to you on the date specified by your employer or the company who disbursed the funds.

Checking?  Or Savings?  You can choose which Tyndall account should receive your payroll through Direct Deposit. If you would like the payroll to be deposited into your Tyndall Savings Account, please provide your payroll department with your Tyndall member number. If you wish to deposit your payroll directly into your Tyndall Checking Account, give your payroll department your MICR number (ACH number).  (Your MICR number is the number located on the bottom of your Tyndall checks. It can also be found in Online Banking; click on your checking account under the "Accounts" tab. Then, on the right side of the page, click on the "See account details" link.) 

To begin your Direct Deposit, simply contact your payroll office and give them your Tyndall member number or MICR number (ACH number) and the following Tyndall information:

Tyndall Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 59760
Panama City, FL 32412-0760
Tyndall Federal's Routing Number: 263 183 175

Or, you may contact a Financial Service Representative at any of our branch locations.  He or she will have Military/Federal Government forms and basic Payroll Authorization forms on hand and will be happy to complete them for you.

Another benefit of Direct Deposit - you may request that your paycheck be automatically distributed among other Tyndall accounts or loans as soon as it's available. For example, you can put some of the funds in your savings account, have some transferred to your checking account, and make your car loan payment automatically from each paycheck. Simply contact our Call Center at 850-747-4300 (888-896-3255, toll-free).  Or, come by any Tyndall branch and a Financial Service Representative will assist you.