Overdraft Protection Fees

Tyndall offers a few convenient ways to protect yourself against an overdraft on your Checking or Money Market Account. If you have an overdraft on your account, however, you may be assessed a fee (outlined below) but, depending on the situation and your account status, we may pay the overdraft instead of returning it to the merchant, which is to your benefit. As an added benefit, Tyndall has a de minimis threshold in place, which means that if your transaction creates an overdraft of $5.00 or less, we will not charge a fee for the presentment (excluding overdraft transfer fees). Additionally, we will not charge more than five (5) overdraft fees in a single business day (NSF and Paid NSF Fees combined).

  • NSF fee (Insufficient Funds fee)**:
$ 20.00 per presentment (maximum 5 per day) [2] [3]
  • Paid NSF Fee (Courtesy Pay fee)**:
$ 20.00 per presentment (maximum 5 per day) [2] [3]
Checking and Money Market Account Fees
  • Stop Payment fee:
$ 20.00 per request
  • Deluxe Check Printing fee:
 - Prices may vary depending upon style and quantity
  • Check Copy fee:
$ 2.50 per item
  • Monthly Service fee (All Checking Accounts):
$ 2.95 per month; if enrolled in e-Statements, fee is waived
  • Mthly Smart Ck Chrg (Monthly Smart Checking Charge):
$ 0.99 per month; if the account's minimum Average Daily Balance is $1,500, fee is waived.
  • Monthly Money Mkt Service fee
    (Money Market):
$ 10.00 per month; if the account's minimum Average Daily Balance is $2,500, fee is waived
Other Service Fees -  (applicable to all accounts)
  • Research/recn fee (Account Research fee):
$ 20.00 per hour - with a minimum $10.00 charge.
  • Document Copy fee:
$ 1.00 per page (excluding statement copies)
  • Statement Copy fee:
$ 5.00 per statement
  • Outgoing Wire fee (Wire Transfer fee - outgoing):
$ 15.00 per transfer
  • Inactive Account fee (savings):
$ 5.00 per month - after one (1) year of no account activity[4] [5]
  • Inactive Account fee (checking):
$ 5.00 per month - after one (1) year of no account activity[4] [5]
  • Account History fee:
$ 1.00 per page
  • Check Print fee (Temporary Checks fee):
$ 3.00 for six (6) checks
  • Corporate Check fee:
$ 3.00 per item
  • Returned Deposited Item fee:
$ 5.00 per presentment
  • Abused Account Item fee:
$ 50.00
  • Loan Payment by Credit Card or ACH (per phone request):
$ 9.95 per payment
  • Credit Card Returned Check Charge:
Up to $25.00 [1]
  • Invalid Address fee:
$ 5.00 per month after six (6) months.
  • Fax Copy fee:
$ 2.00 per page
  • Card Replacement**:
$ 5.00 per card
  • Garnishment/Levy:
The maximum amount as allowed by State law
  • Non-Tyndall Check Copy fee:
$ 5.00 per check
  • Same Day Bill Payment Fee:
$ 9.95
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
  • Tyndall ATMs - Deposits/Withdrawals:
No charge
  • Non-proprietary ATMs:
$ 1.00 network fee per transaction - surcharge assessed by ATM owner, at Owner's discretion.
Credit Union Membership
  • Membership Share:
$ 5.00 - par value
  • Membership Fee:
$ 1.00

Effective Date: June 2020

**Denotes change
[1] When check payee and check maker are the same.
[2] "Maximum 5 per day" refers to the combined total of NSF Fees and Courtesy Pay Fees. First five combined NSF and Courtesy Pay fees will be refunded.
[3] Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, automated teller machine (ATM) withdrawal, or other electronic means, as applicable.
     A de minimis threshold applies; fee will not be charged for transactions that overdraw the account by $5.00 or less (excluding overdraft transfer fees).
[4] Members over age 70 and under age 18 are excluded from the inactivity fee.
[5] Accounts with balances $5,000.00 and over are excluded from the inactivity fee.