Take ADVANTAGE of the EQUITY in your home!

Interested in refinancing your mortgage to a shorter term so you can pay it off faster? Or, perhaps you are looking to save money by reducing your monthly payment. Either way, Tyndall has the perfect solution for you.

With our new Equity Advantage Home Equity Loan, you can pay off your existing mortgage and get an unbelievable rate as low as 3.25% APR*!

We will pay your Closing Costs (up to $500) and you pay No Origination Fees*! By taking advantage of this great offer, you could save thousands of dollars.

This is your chance. By choosing a shorter term, you pay off your mortgage faster, and substantially reduce the total amount of interest you'll pay before you own your home. If you need more money on a month-to-month basis, keep your loan at close to the same term and lower your monthly payment by refinancing at this outstanding low rate.

Amount of LoanRateTermMonthly PaymentYour Savings with Equity Advantage
$75,000 3.25% APR* 5 years $1,356.00 $5,646.46
$75,000 6.00% APR* 5 years $1,449.97  
$100,000 3.99% APR* 10 years $1,011.98 $11,808.01
$100,000 6.00% APR* 10 years $1,110.21  

Tyndall’s Equity Advantage Home Equity loan allows you to choose your term - between 5 and 10 years - and will allow you to refinance up to 80% of your home’s estimated value (a $150 non-refundable application fee required). This is an excellent opportunity for members with only 15 to 20 years left on their current mortgage.

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Promotional rate is for qualified applicants; other rates may apply. Loan applications are subject to application and approval criteria, including credit history. Qualifying interest rate is based on creditworthiness. After your application has been completed and approved, a closing date will be scheduled. Non-refundable application fee of $150 required. Closing costs paid up to $500. Should loan be paid off in 3 years or less, closing costs that were paid by Tyndall must be reimbursed. Other terms are available up to a maximum of 10 years; $25,000 minimum loan; $200,000 maximum loan. Maximum Loan to Value is 80%. The minimum payment amount on a $75,000 Home Equity Loan originated at 3.25% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) financed for 60 months would be $1,356.00. The minimum payment amount on a $100,000 Home Equity Loan originated at 3.85% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) financed for 120 months would be $1,005.34. Monthly payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable; the actual payment obligation may be greater. First payment must be within 45 days of date of loan disbursal. Information shown in the table above is for example purposes only. Existing Tyndall Federal Home Equity Loans may not be refinanced at the lower promotional rate. Promotion began June 12, 2013. Limited Time Offer. Property securing the loan must be insured until the loan is paid in full. Subject property must be a single family dwelling and your primary residence; loan is restricted to first lien position only. Rate shown includes a 0.25% rate reduction for loans repaid through an automatic transfer from a Tyndall Federal Credit Union account only. Some restrictions apply. Offer subject to change without notice. Consult with a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest. Member eligibility required; an initial $1 non-refundable membership fee will apply. Federally insured by NCUA. NMLS #597599.