Your home can help you chase dreams - or respond to surprises.

Your home is right under your feet and above your head, but it’s still easy to forget that it’s one of your most valuable assets. And it’s an asset that you can tap whenever the time is right. So consider using your home’s equity to bring once distant life goals within reach—at a very competitive interest rate.

At Tyndall, we serve you with two different solutions to fund home improvement projects, a college education, or other big-ticket expenses: a Home Equity Line of Credit and a Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan.

Benefits of a Tyndall Home Equity Loan include:

  • No Closing Costs* on qualified properties
  • Rapid Approvals
  • Flexible Terms & Great Loan Rates
  • Easy access to funds and loan information

Use the money any way you wish - it's your choice.

Here are a few suggestions to stir your imagination:

  • Your child's college education
  • Your child's wedding – or your own
  • Buy a car, RV, motorcycle, or boat at a low rate
  • Remodel your kitchen, add a game room, or enlarge your master bathroom
  • Replace your roof
  • Add a swimming pool or a hot tub to your back yard
  • Take that tropical vacation or Caribbean cruise
  • Pay medical bills
  • Create an "emergency fund" – you never know when you may need quick cash
  • Refinance a higher interest rate Home Equity Loan from another financial institution at a great, low rate
  • Consolidate all those high interest credit cards into one monthly payment at a competitive rate

Speak with a Tyndall representative at any of our branch locations or call our Lending Center at 850-747-4321 (877-747-4321, toll-free) to learn whether our Home Equity Line of Credit or a Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership required; an initial $1 non-refundable membership fee will apply. Tyndall NMLS #597599.

*Closing costs paid up to $500 on primary residence, which covers the typical closing costs. Should loan be paid off in 3 years or less, closing costs that were paid by Tyndall must be reimbursed. Click here for details and disclosures for Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loans; click here for details and disclosures for Home Equity Lines of Credit.