Great Auto Loan Rates

A great deal on a car starts with a great loan...and a great loan starts at Tyndall.

Why start with us? We offer:

  • Extremely competitive rates
  • Flexible terms, up to 84 months*
  • Rapid application approvals
  • A monthly payment that fits comfortably into your budget
  • Convenient payment options (i.e. online, automatic, mobile)
  • Easy-to-use, online research tools
  • "Sign-at-Home" option may be available

Loan Types

  • New Cars – get a great rate and pick your monthly payment on a vehicle fresh off the factory floor.

  • Used Cars – save money twice—on a great used car and on a smart loan with Tyndall.

  • Refinancing – if your current loan isn’t working, refinance with a Tyndall loan that makes sense for you—whether that means finding the right rate, monthly payment, or more flexible terms.

Start with Tyndall and we’ll give you the best negotiating tool you can have—a pre-approved draft. It's much easier to get the vehicle and the price you want when the dealer knows you've already got your financing in hand. Don't wait. Get your pre-approved draft now and shop with confidence.

* 84-month term only available on new cars. The payment amount per $1,000 on a New Auto Loan originated at 2.36% APR financed for 84 months would be $12.93. Membership required; an initial $1 non-refundable membership fee will apply.