Choose which is best for you

Tyndall has a number of sensible Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) savings options for you, in both Traditional and Roth investment plans. You may choose to put your funds in a Tyndall IRA Certificate Account or an IRA Contributory Account. What’s the difference?

  • An IRA Contributory Account, which may be opened with a small initial deposit of only $50, does not have a specific ''maturity'' date. Although the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for the IRA Contributory is generally not as high as that of an IRA Certificate, deposits may be made to it at any time (up to the maximum allowed per year per IRS regulations). This makes it easier for those on a fixed budget to begin saving toward retirement. Often, people build the account up to $1,000 and then move those funds to an IRA Certificate, so they can earn a higher rate on those funds. Minimum to open and earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY): $50.

  • Regular IRA Certificate Accounts are opened for a specified term and earn a specified rate during that term. Once the account is opened, additional deposits to the Certificate may only be made when it matures (at the end of the specified term). Tyndall offers IRA Certificate Accounts in terms from 12 months to 5 years. Minimum required opening deposit $1,000.

You may open as many IRA accounts as you wish, although you are limited by IRS regulations regarding how much money you may deposit in any given tax year.

Retirement may be years away, but start saving now and you’ll have it under control. See a Tyndall Financial Service Representative today to discuss IRA options.