Switch and SAVE

When you switch from paper statements to e-Statements, your Monthly Checking Account Service Fee is waived each month, saving you money.

e-Statements are a FREE, safe, convenient way to view, print, and download your Tyndall account statements, credit card statements, notices, and more. They are automatically formatted to the type of electronic device you are using so they are easy to read from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

You have easy access to your e-Statements through Tyndall's secure Online Banking site, any time of the day or night, at your convenience. Simply log into Online Banking and select the "e-Statements" link.

When you enroll in e-Statements, you will receive your Tyndall account notices and tax forms electronically as well. To let you know you have a new statement, notice, or tax form posted within Online Banking, you will receive an email notification that the e-Statement is available.

Enrolling in e-Statements is easy!

  • Simply log into your account through Online Banking and click on the "e-Statements'' link.
  • Under the "Enrollment" tab, select "Electronic."
  • Click on the e-Statements Agreement link to review the Agreement. Make note of the Security Verification Code shown at the bottom of the Agreement; then return to the e-Statement Enrollment screen and enter the Code where indicated.
  • Select ''I Agree.'' That's all it takes.

Log In


It is very important that you keep your email address up-to-date within Online Banking in order to remain enrolled in e-Statements.

It is also important to note that you must enroll in e-Statements separately for each member number you have with Tyndall. Even though you may be able to see your other accounts inside Online Banking when you are logged in, the e-Statement enrollment is only for the member number that you are logged into when you enroll. If you have multiple member numbers and want e-Statements on each, you must log into each one individually and enroll in e-Statements.