Tyndall - Direct Deposit

Automatic. Secure. Convenient. Free.

Have your company paycheck, Military or Civilian pay, Social Security, pension, retirement check, dividend check, child support, etc. deposited directly into your account at Tyndall, so you have it available as soon as you get paid. No need to find time to get to the bank. No concerns if you are away from home and can't get your mail. No need to wait in line to deposit your check.

The money is deposited into your account as soon as we receive it and is available to you on the date specified by your employer (or the company that disbursed the funds).

Another benefit of Direct Deposit? Once your Direct Deposit has been established, you may request that your paycheck be automatically distributed among other Tyndall Federal accounts or loans as soon as it's available. Put some of the funds in your Savings Account, have some transferred to your Checking Account, and make your car loan payment automatically from each paycheck. We will disburse it as you wish. Simply contact our Call Center at 850-769-9999 (888-896-3255, toll-free). Or, come by any Tyndall Federal Branch and a Financial Service Representative will assist you.