Tyndall in the Community

Community involvement is part of Tyndall's mission

Tyndall Federal Credit Union believes in the importance of being involved in the communities we serve, and we do our part to make them better places in which to live. We strive to maintain a positive relationship with not just our members, but with every member of the community. Many Tyndall employees are actively involved in community service, helping at non-profit organizations, schools, community events, etc. In addition, the credit union donates funds to a large number of neighborhood sponsorships, and distributes grants to a wide array of foundations.


Community Relations Advertising Program

This program is intended to help non-profit organizations in our local areas. While we cannot support every community event or organization, we will accept and review all requests and will do our best to support as many as possible. Due to the volume of requests we receive all year round, however, we have had to place some guidelines around what we can and cannot approve.

Community Relations Advertising requests may be submitted for giveaway items or for monetary requests, up to a maximum of $250. If the request involves an advertising opportunity for Tyndall (ads, banners, etc.), please be sure to provide details on the request form. The request form must be filled out in its entirety to be considered.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • education,
  • the military, and
  • events or organizations that help our communities.

Please understand that we can no longer support the local Little League teams, cheerleading squads, personal school trips, family reunions, etc.

Please allow up to three weeks for a response to your request. The instructions for submitting the request are outlined on the form below. We also require a W9 to be submitted.

Donation/Sponsorship Request Form


Community Service Grant Program

We are committed to making Tyndall a vital, contributing member of the local communities we serve. To that end, we support organizations that have broad educational and community outreach. The Community Service Grants (CSG) are intended for major, non-profit organizations (Section 501(c)(3)) that have an emphasis on educational and other community needs of a broad nature.

Applications for Community Service Grants are accepted each year for funding of events, projects, etc. for the following year. Completed requests are reviewed by our Board of Directors toward the end of each year, and applicants are notified of the Board's decision in January of the following year.

The Community Service Grant request period has ended for funds for the year 2022. The CSG form to request funds for 2023 will be available in July 2022.