Build Layers of Savings

You can’t predict the future, but some things are certain: emergencies come up and the "unexpected" happens.

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You’d like to take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. You're having a baby. Your roof is leaking. Your fender-bender is going to cost more than you thought. Retirement is getting closer.

And so, you need to start saving now.

Recent studies show that those who save money are happier in general…and have a peace of mind about what the future holds. So how do you put this plan into action?

Take a look at the pyramid below and begin at the bottom.

As you click on the buttons representing each layer of the pyramid, you will see the accounts and savings tools Tyndall offers to help you build your own layers of savings. By following these guidelines, you’ll put together a savings plan that will help you weather any storm.

pyramid infographic showing each layer of savings mentioned below


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