Keep your money safe and secure with Tyndall's Certificate Advantage. With this investment program, you purchase a set of Certificates in various terms, from 1 to 5 years. That way, you earn a higher rate on your funds than if they were in a savings account, but you still have penalty-free access to some of your money each year.

How? It's pretty simple.

  • The Certificate Advantage program consists of 5 separate Certificate Accounts with an equal dollar amount in each (minimum required deposit of $500 per Certificate):
    • a 1-Year Certificate,
    • a 2-Year Certificate,
    • a 3-Year Certificate,
    • a 4-Year Certificate, and
    • a 5-Year Certificate
  • As each Certificate matures, the funds are available for withdrawal.  Or, you may choose to let the Certificate automatically roll over for a 5-year term at whatever the published rate is on the date of maturity for a Regular 5-Year Certificate.

"Stacking" your Certificates in this manner enables you to have one Certificate maturing each year. As each Certificate matures, you have penalty-free access to the funds in that Certificate.  If you choose to leave the Certificate alone, it will automatically roll over to a Regular 5-Year Certificate at the published rate on the date of maturity.

You even have dividend payment options available.  For more information, speak with a Financial Sales Representative at any of our branch locations or call us at 850-747-4300 (toll-free 888-896-3255).

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Concerned about your IRA that is currently held in the stock market and mutual funds?

Make a smart move - bring your IRA to Tyndall. Certificate Advantage is available for IRA Certificates, too (dividend payment options not available for IRA Certificates).