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In the dark about what car interest rates mean? Not sure how to apply for a credit card or how to handle it once you get one?

No problem. Check here for information on subjects like how interest rates affect what you pay, how to handle a credit card, and why it's really important to make sure your credit score is a good one.

The Value of Credit Score

What does my credit score say about me? What makes up my credit score? How do I build a strong credit foundation? These are all questions that you may ask yourself when you are starting out on your own.

Check out our  “Value of Credit Score” video for some answers to those questions and helpful information.

Five Tips for Establishing Good Credit

Five Tips for Establishing Good Credit

Pay on time, every time.

Become an authorized user on your parent’s credit card.

Open a credit card with a low credit limit.

Use the money in your Savings Account as collateral for a Share-Secured Loan.

Use Student Loans for school expenses only.


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