Frequently Asked Questions about Skip-a-Payment

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General Questions

For this promotion, you may skip your November or December loan payment on the following types of loans:

  • Auto
  • Credit Card
  • Boat
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Personal Signature
  • Line of Credit

A loan’s first payment may not be skipped. Payments on home equity and mortgage loans, mobile home loans, workout loans, business loans, ARK loans, and student loans may not be skipped, either. Please note that you may only skip a loan payment 2 times per year, even if the promotion is offered more often.

In order to be eligible for Skip-a-Payment, your accounts and loans must be in good standing. In addition, your membership may not have a bankruptcy on record.

It's easy:

Once your Skip request has been approved, we will send you confirmation by email. If there is a problem with your Skip request, we will try to reach you, based on the information we have on record. If your Skip request is not approved, it is your responsibility to ensure that your loan payment is made as scheduled.

No. Tyndall does not charge a Skip-a-Payment fee at this time.

Important note: Beginning in 2019, we will begin charging a $10 fee per loan. This fee will be waived, though, if you have a Tyndall Checking Account and direct deposit. If you do not already have a Checking Account and direct deposit with us, we recommend you establish them soon so you will be ready to save money with next year's Skip Program.

Recurring and Scheduled/Automatic Payments

Yes. We need to receive your Skip request at least 5 business days in advance for that type of payment.

That depends on how the scheduled or recurring payment was set up initially and how it is being processed.

  • Scheduled payment through Tyndall’s Online Banking – Unfortunately, we cannot handle this one for you.

    Once your Skip request has been approved, please adjust your scheduled transfer accordingly. Click on "Transfers", then, in the "Scheduled Transfers" section, change the transfer date to the month after the one you asked to skip. For example, if you asked to skip December's payment, wait until after November's automatic transfer has been made. Then, click on the "Transfers" tab and change the transfer date to make the next scheduled payment in January.

  • Automatic payment coming from another financial institution:
    • If you set up the automatic payment through a Tyndall representative to authorize us to pull the payment from your account at another financial institution, Tyndall will handle the Skip process for you. There is no action necessary on your part.

      Not sure? Look at the account/loan history in Online Banking. It will likely show as a pre-authorized payment in your loan history or as an automatic transfer in your account history.

    • If you set up the automatic payment at another financial institution to send your payment to Tyndall (through their Online Banking or through a representative of the other financial institution), you must contact them to skip the loan payment.

      Not sure? Look at your account/loan history in Tyndall’s Online Banking. It will likely appear as an ACH payment in your loan history or an ACH transfer in your account history.