Choose your Tyndall VISA Rewards Credit Card or your VISA Check Card when making purchases and earn ScoreCard Bonus Points. Then, when you are ready, redeem those Points for rewards, such as name-brand merchandise, hotel accommodations, airline tickets, cruises, and more.*

With every qualifying purchase you make with your card, your Bonus Points add up. There is no need to enroll; you can begin earning Points right away.

In no time, you'll be enjoying your favorite gift or travel reward. Best of all, it's free!

How do you earn ScoreCard Bonus Points?

  • Tyndall VISA Rewards Credit Card: When you use your Tyndall VISA Rewards Credit Card, you will automatically receive one Bonus Point for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases.* Click here to learn more.

  • Tyndall VISA Check Card: Every time you select the "credit" option and sign for your qualifying purchase (non-PIN transactions) when you use your VISA Check Card, the dollars you spend count toward Bonus Points. The amount of the purchase still comes directly from your Tyndall Checking Account when you choose the "credit" option, but you have the added benefit of earning one Bonus Point for every five dollars you spend on qualifying purchases. Click here to learn more.

How do you know how many ScoreCard Points you have earned?

  • Statements: The number of Bonus Points you have earned during the month by using your Check Card appears on your account statement; the number of Points you earned by using your VISA Rewards Credit Card appears on your credit card statement.

  • Online: You may also log onto the ScoreCard web site at to view your Points balance on a particular card. Simply create a profile by entering your Check Card number (or your VISA Rewards Credit Card number), your name, zip code, and email address; then log in.

    In addition to seeing up-to-date Bonus Points information, you can search through an extensive online catalog of merchandise, including electronics, furniture, toys, jewelry, gift cards, etc.

    Don't want to redeem your Points for merchandise? The ScoreCard Rewards site also allows you to redeem your Points for travel options - purchase airline tickets, reserve a rental car, make your hotel reservations, book a cruise, or purchase a special vacation package.

Use your Tyndall VISA Rewards Credit Card or your VISA Check Card for everyday purchases and reward yourself!

* Purchases that earn Bonus Points are net purchases (sales minus returns). Cash advances and VISA checks are not card purchases and do not qualify for Bonus Points. ScoreCard Bonus Points will expire immediately if your related Checking Account or VISA loan is closed, or if your Check Card or VISA Rewards Credit Card is blocked and not replaced. Bonus Points you earn from purchases on your Tyndall Check Card expire three years from the date of purchase.