Frequently Asked Questions about Courtesy Pay

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General Questions

There is no monthly service fee for Courtesy Pay; you are only assessed a fee when you use it. If your account is never overdrawn, you never pay a fee for Courtesy Pay.

Each time Courtesy Pay is used, you are assessed a small Courtesy Pay Fee (refer to the current Rate & Fee Schedule for fee amount). There is a maximum of five (5) NSF Fees per day, including a combination of Negative Balance Fees (NSF Fees) and Courtesy Pay Fees (Paid NSF Fees).

  • Checks written on your Tyndall checking (or money market) account
  • ACH (automatic or pre-authorized) debits on your Tyndall checking (or money market) account(s)
  • Tyndall debit card transactions, including point-of-sale transactions (only you have Opted-In to Overdraft Coverage)
  • ATM transactions, including point-of-sale transactions (only if you have Opted-In to Overdraft Coverage)
  • Tyndall Online Banking/Bill Pay transactions

Please note: GENIE24 transactions are not covered by Courtesy Pay.

  • Since the item is paid to the merchant (or individual), you are not assessed a "Returned Check" (or other returned item fee) by that merchant.
  • Since the item is paid, you are saved the embarrassment of being placed on a "Bad Check" list.
  • Courtesy Pay provides a "cushion" for those unexpected emergencies or errors. While it is not an invitation to overspend, Courtesy Pay will assist you in the event of an overdraft.

No. You are eligible for Courtesy Pay after your checking or money market account has been opened for a minimum of 30 days. Accounts are reviewed daily to determine if they continue to meet the basic requirements of the program.

It appears on your statement and you will see it in your account history in Online Banking. If you have e-Statements on your account, you will receive an electronic notice through the e-Statement section of Online Banking. It is then your responsibility to bring your account back to a positive balance as soon as possible.

No. The "available balance" does not include your Courtesy Pay overdraft limit. In fact, in order to access Courtesy Pay at the ATM, you must request to withdraw funds in excess of your available limit. Courtesy Pay is not accessible through GENIE24.

NO. It is simply a valuable service offered by Tyndall to qualified members and is designed to help you to manage your account(s).

Sure, as long as the accounts are maintained in good standing and meet the qualifications. There would be a separate Courtesy Pay limit extended to each qualifying account. If you have reached your Courtesy Pay limit on one checking account, you cannot access your Courtesy Pay limit from another checking account to pay the item.

If that should happen, any additional items presented for payment will be returned and applicable fees will be assessed.

Remember, Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy extended to you by the Credit Union, based on how well you manage your account. This service can be removed from your account at any time at the sole discretion of the Credit Union.

You may ask to be removed from Courtesy Pay if you wish. If you choose to do so, however, be aware that any items presented for payment will be returned if there are not sufficient funds in the account. Also, applicable NSF fees will be assessed.

To ask to be removed from Courtesy Pay, please contact a Financial Service Representative at one of our branch locations, or contact our Call Center at 850-769-9999 (888-896-3255, toll-free).