GENIE24 allows you to transfer funds between Tyndall Federal accounts; make loan payments; request withdrawals; check account balances, deposits and withdrawals - all from your telephone. With an expanded menu of service codes, your options are practically endless. GENIE24 is a FREE service that is available any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.

GENIE24 Brochure

Please note:  Deposits, withdrawals, or transfers to or from Certificate Accounts or IRAs are not allowed through GENIE24.

Some transaction limitations may apply; refer to the current Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure for a description of these limitations.  Transfers are limited to available funds and can be made between your Credit Union memberships.  Withdrawal checks will be made out only to the primary member and mailed to the address on file at the Credit Union.

* Note: If you don't have a Personal Identification Number (PIN), please stop by one of our branches or contact our Call Center at 850-747-4300 or (888-896-3255, toll-free).