When you select the “credit” option and sign for your purchase:

  • you earn great prizes and travel rewards through the ScoreCard® Program. You earn one ScoreCard Bonus Point for every five dollars you spend in qualifying purchases. You may then redeem your Bonus Points for name-brand merchandise, gift certificates, airline tickets, and lots more. For further details on the ScoreCard Program, click here.
  • the actual transaction may take place quickly or it may take as long as 5 days to post to your Checking Account, depending on the merchant. The transaction does not happen immediately.
  • your point-of-sale transaction is routed through the Visa® network, giving you all the protection and benefits of a Visa purchase, including:

When you select the “debit” option and use your PIN for your purchase:

  • the transaction will be processed just like an ATM transaction – the withdrawal is taken from your Checking Account immediately.
  • you do not earn ScoreCard Bonus Points on your purchases.
  • since the transaction is not processed through the Visa network, you do not have any of the protection offered by Visa.

Most of the point-of-sale machines default to the “debit” option because the merchant earns money for processing the transaction that way.  If you want to use the “credit” option, ask the cashier which button to press for that option.  Much of the time, you simply hit “Cancel” or “Enter” and the credit option appears on the screen.

It’s your choice.