What are the benefits of having a Tyndall debit card?

  • Safety - Carrying a debit card is much safer than carrying cash.  If you lose it, nobody can use it without your Personal Identification Number.  You can call your credit union and have the card blocked immediately, which minimizes any potential loss to you.
  • Convenience - The Tyndall debit card is accepted in more places than your personal check, and is quick and easy to use.
  • Saves Money - Purchases made using your Tyndall debit card are withdrawn directly from your Checking Account, so no charges accumulate and there is no interest to pay on your purchases.
  • Security - If you select the “credit option” at a point-of-sale terminal or for an online transaction, the transaction is routed through the VISA network, giving you all the protection and benefits of a VISA purchase, including:
  • ScoreCard® Bonus Points - Every time you select the "credit" option and sign for your purchase when you use your debit card, the dollars you spend count toward Bonus Points. The amount of the purchase still comes directly from your Checking Account when you choose the "credit" option, but you have the added benefit of earning one Bonus Point for every five dollars you spend on qualifying purchases. You can use your Bonus Points for great gifts & travel rewards.  For more information, click here.
  • Flexibility – Use your debit card at:
    • any Tyndall Federal Credit Union Tyndall ATM
    • any ATM worldwide that displays a NYCE, Allpoint®, Presto!, Cirrus®, PLUS, CU24, Armed Forces Financial Network® (AFFN), or STAR logo.  To find an ATM near you, click here to link to the networks shown.
    • at any point-of-sale register that accepts the VISA debit card – if you see the VISA logo displayed, chances are, you can use your debit card
    • online with merchants that accept VISA

When you use your Tyndall debit card (or ATM card) to withdraw cash at Allpoint® or Publix® Presto! ATMs, you will not be assessed a network fee by Tyndall and there will be no surcharge assessed.  If using a Publix Presto! machine, though, please verify that the ATM you use is on the Presto! network (since Publix locations sometimes provide access to more than one ATM).

There is also no network fee assessed by Tyndall for transactions processed through AFFN; however, a surcharge may be charged by the terminal owner.