Convenient & Secure

Tyndall's debit card allows you easy, quick, secure access to your Tyndall accounts. The debit card is tied directly to your Tyndall checking account for purchases, but can be used like an ATM card as well. Use it to withdraw cash from your savings or checking account, check account balances, etc.   

How can you use your debit card?

  • for cash withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries at an ATM
  • for deposits at Tyndall ATMs
  • for a purchase in a store, online, or over the phone - the amount of the purchase comes directly from your checking account
  • for cash back at participating merchants when you use your PIN at the register

When you use the Tyndall debit card at one of our ATMs, your transactions are FREE, any time of the day or night. You may also use your Tyndall card, surcharge-free, at Publix® Presto! and Allpoint® ATMs. Find a surcharge-free ATM near you.

Where can you use your debit card?

  • at any Tyndall Federal Credit Union ATM
  • at any Allpoint ATM, worldwide
  • at any ATM worldwide that displays a NYCE, Presto!, Cirrus®, PLUS, CU24, or Armed Forces Financial Network® (AFFN) logo. To find an ATM near you, click here to link to the various networks shown.
  • at any point-of-sale register that accepts the VISA debit card.
  • online (or by phone) with merchants that accept VISA

Credit or Debit – is there a difference?

Absolutely - and the difference can be important! Click here for information about the differences between the two options.

Please note:

  • When you use your Tyndall debit card to withdraw cash at Publix Presto! ATMs, you will not be assessed a network fee by Tyndall and there will be no surcharge assessed. However, it is important to verify that the ATM you use is on the Presto! network (since Publix locations sometimes provide access to more than one type of ATM).

  • There is no network fee assessed by Tyndall for transactions processed through AFFN; however, a surcharge may be charged by the terminal owner.

  • There is no fee for Tyndall members to use their Tyndall debit card (or ATM card) at any Tyndall ATM, and members may use their Tyndall cards at Publix Presto! ATMs and Allpoint ATMs, surcharge-free. However, if you use your Tyndall debit card (or ATM card) at a non-TFCU ATM ("foreign" ATM), there will be a standard $1 network fee assessed for each transaction. The terminal owner may also impose a surcharge, but you will be notified of the surcharge and given the opportunity to cancel the transaction.