Turn your card on or off with MobiMoney

Control your Card with your Smartphone - instantly!

Our MobiMoney app puts card control in the palm of your hand. Your smartphone is already part of your everyday life, so why not use it to help monitor and manage your Tyndall debit or credit card? The MobiMoney app allows you to monitor and manage your card from anywhere, at any time.


Features of MobiMoney:

Turn Card Off Icon Turn your card on or off - instantly - with a single swipe of your finger.
Lost your card? No problem. Just log into the MobiMoney app and turn it off. When you find it, you can just as easily turn it back on.
Suspicious activity alert icon Get instant transaction alerts when your card is used, so you can watch for suspicious activity on your card - set your alerts by merchant type, spend limit, or transaction type (Internet, phone orders, ATM transactions, Auto Pay, etc).
Restrict Usage Icon Restrict usage by the type of merchant (gas stations, department stores, restaurants, etc.), spend limit or transaction type
Out of State or Country Icon Enable or disable transactions based on location - out-of-state transactions, international transactions, or transactions in a specific geographical area. Or, simply set up alerts for them so you can monitor your card activity.
Spending Alerts Icon

Need help managing your budget? Set spending alerts so you'll be notified when a card transaction takes place that is above a specified limit. Or, set spending limits on your card so you can't spend more than planned.

You already have top-notch security controls on your card when you use it at a merchant's chip-reader or in a chip-enabled ATM, but with MobiMoney, you are adding an extra layer of security. You can customize the type of alerts you receive, the type of transactions that can be performed, review the card transactions (those that are pending and ones that have already gone through), etc. so you can stay on top of your finances at all times. For your convenience, there's even a "Do Not Disturb" setting you can use if you do not want to receive notifications during a specific time of day.

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Getting started is easy.

Just download the MobiMoney app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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