Call for Candidates:
2016 Board of Directors

Nominations for a position on the 2016 Board of Directors are now being accepted by the Tyndall Federal Credit Union Nominating Committee.

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Take Control of Your Credit Score

Do you know much about your credit score? Just how important is it?

Watch this video to learn about the value of your credit score.

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New chip technology…same great benefits.

Chip-enhanced credit and debit cards are coming soon! Chip technology delivers additional protection when you sign for your purchase at a chip-enabled register. We are proud to bring you more security, more convenience, and more for your membership!

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2 + 2 + 2

For our members with joint accounts - you no longer have to share!

If your debit or credit card is about to expire, you will now receive 2 separate cards, 2 separate card numbers, and 2 separate PINs for the same account.

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Are you ready to pay your $5,000 deductible?

Did you know that the average insurance deductible for a named storm is 2% - 5% of the value of your home? That means you'll pay a lot more than your standard deductible if you sustain damage due to the storm.

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Best Practices - Security for your Mobile Devices

You are probably well aware of the need for taking security measures on your PC to protect your personal information. Now that we do so much of our business on-the-go, however, have you thought about what security measures you should have in place for your mobile phone or tablet?

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Merchant Card Breaches

It’s an unfortunate truth – merchant data breaches and card fraud are becoming much more common. So, let’s work together to help keep your information safe and your identity protected.

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Be Wise: Establishing an Emergency Fund

Life is full of unexpected emergencies and having a plan can give you peace of mind when they come. A $1,000 emergency fund is a good plan.

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ScoreCard® Points you earn on your debit card expire three years after the date of purchase. When you log into your profile, you can see how many of your Points are set to expire and the expiration date of those Points. Keep track of your Points online.

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