See how Myra and David shortened their payments and term on their Mortgage

Myra and David considered house payments just a part of life — 13 years of it, to be exact. They were punctual payers on both their high- rate mortgage and home equity loan, but like a lot of busy people, they figured refinancing would take too much time and money. Myra was at Tyndall one day when she mentioned that they’d love to pay off their mortgage before they retired. That’s when everything changed.

We sat down with Myra, worked through some math (the good kind, not the fuzzy kind) and discovered that refinancing wouldn’t be nearly the hassle they expected. By consolidating both loans into a single mortgage at a great rate, we were able to shorten their term and lower their monthly payment. We were happy to chip in $450 toward their closing costs, and unlike some mortgage lenders, we never charge junk fees.

Myra laughed and said, “Why didn’t we do this years ago?” We knew the answer: life happens. And we’re here to help you navigate it. So if you’re not satisfied with your current mortgage rate, term or payment (or if you’re paying on multiple loans, like Myra and David), we’d love to talk with you about refinancing.

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