Tyndall Federal wants to help you teach your children (and grandchildren) about money, teach them about financial responsibility, and show them how to build a strong foundation for their future.

That's why we created our Tyndall Savers Program, a youth program for children up to 17 years old, designed to encourage kids to begin good savings habits.

It's quite simple for your children to become members of the Tyndall Savers Program. Just visit any Tyndall Federal branch and open a Tyndall Savers Share Account in the name of each of your children with as little as $5 per child.  Of course, the children must be eligible for membership with Tyndall Federal, but the standard $1 membership fee is waived for Tyndall Savers.

Once the accounts are opened, your children will each receive a membership card, a money holder, and a savings register to help them keep track of the money in their account.

To open a Tyndall Savers Account, you need:

  • a valid U.S. Social Security card for the child (original or photocopy), and
  • an initial minimum deposit of $5 to open the account

An adult must be a joint owner on the account until the minor child turns 18. Click here for information regarding the ID requirements for the adult joint owner.

Click here for disclosures and more information.

Why should your children open a Tyndall Savers Account?

  • By belonging to Tyndall Federal, your children become eligible for a large variety of products and services throughout their lifetime - once a member, always a member.
  • With a Tyndall Savers Account, your children have the perfect opportunity to learn first-hand about the importance of managing their money.
  • By watching their account balance grow as they earn dividends on the money in their account, children are motivated to save even more.
  • Children may benefit from even higher dividend rates by opening a Money Market Account or a Certificate Account with a minimum balance of only $250.

Hey, kids - Did you know that the Tyndall Savers Program even has its own spokesreptile? His name is Ty, the Tyndall Turtle. Why a turtle? Well, turtles have a philosophy about life that also applies to saving. According to popular turtle lore, "slow and steady wins the race."  In other words, by saving money on a regular basis - even in small amounts - you are a guaranteed winner in the long run.

Whether you earn your money by doing chores, or receive money as a gift, it's a good idea to put some of it in your Tyndall Savers Account.  That doesn't mean you can't spend your money; it is just a good idea to get into the habit of saving first.  The more you save, the more dividends you'll earn on your money.