Traveling out of the area?

Help us help you by keeping us informed of the dates and places you may be traveling, whether you are planning a trip home for the holidays, going on a business trip, or taking the family to Disney World.

For your protection, Tyndall has a fraud monitoring service in place that watches for transactions on your debit card or credit card that are "out of the ordinary" for you (for example, transactions that occur in another state or country). If a transaction looks suspicious, your card may be blocked to help safeguard your account.

If you let us know that you expect to be traveling in a particular area during a specific timeframe, Tyndall will share this information with our fraud monitoring service so they will expect to see transactions in that area during that time.

Please note: Your card will still be monitored during the specified travel period. If the fraud monitoring service notices a fraud pattern or specific fraud indicator, you may still be notified to confirm a particular transaction. If you do not confirm the transaction via text message or phone call, your card will be blocked and will remain blocked until the service receives a response from you.

It is very important that you make sure Tyndall has valid contact phone numbers for you so we, and the fraud monitoring service, can reach you during your time of travel.


Keep us informed:

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