Save money on items you already buy - it's EASY and it's FREE!

When you use your Tyndall Check Card, you will see exclusive offers within Online Banking for cash back at places you like to shop. The program is called Purchase Rewards.

No coupons to clip - no rebate forms to submit.
Just click on the offer inside Online Banking and begin to save.

Sample screen:

How does it work? It's Easy.

Log into Online Banking. Your offers will appear on the "Home" page (under the Account tab) and on your Checking Account History page. Then:

  • 1 - Click

    to activate exclusive cash back offers at the places you like to shop
  • 2 - Shop

    online or in stores to redeem your offers by paying with your card.
  • 3 - Enjoy

    cash back deposited right into your account at the end of next month.

If you are interested in an offer, just click on it to activate it. If you happen to use your Check Card at that merchant (or through the specified online link) during the specified time, your discount will be recorded and you will receive the cash back in your Checking Account automatically at the end of the following month.

Please read the offer carefully - some are only valid at the store, while others may only be valid online at the merchant's web site or through a specific link.

It is important to note that the discount is not applied at the point of purchase - it is refunded to you the following month. There may also be purchase restrictions, a redemption code, etc. in the offer; please read each offer carefully to be sure you will qualify for the refund.

Activating an offer does not mean you have to make a purchase at that merchant. Just like with a coupon, if you don't use it, it doesn't matter. To get the most out of the program though, we recommend you activate any offer you think you might use - just in case you happen to go to that store or that restaurant.  If you do, your discount will be refunded to you. For more information, please click here to review the FAQs.

If you have any questions, please contact our Call Center at 850-747-4300 or 888-896-3255, toll-free.

We hope you enjoy this new Online Banking benefit.