Your account activity is, literally, at your fingertips. Monitor account activity and protect yourself from fraud with Card Activity Alerts.

Card Activity Alerts is a free* service available to members who have a Tyndall Check (Debit) Card, Xtreme Check (Debit) Card or a Tyndall VISA Credit Card.

With Card Activity Alerts, you receive text alerts right to your phone whenever your Tyndall VISA or Check Card is used. You have the option to choose the type of alert(s) you want to receive via real-time text messages. You even have the option to set threshold limits on some of the alerts.

Available Alerts include:

Card Purchase Alert (with threshold settings)
Internet/Phone/Mail Order Alert (card not present)
Pay-at-the-Pump Transaction Alert
Out-of-State Transaction Alert & International Transaction Alert
ATM Withdrawal Alert (with threshold settings)
Suspicious Transaction Alert

With Card Activity Alerts, you will know right away if there is suspicious activity on your card, giving you peace of mind. And, transaction activity alerts and real-time balance inquiries can help keep you on budget.

Stay connected and protected, whether you are at home or on-the-go, with Card Activity Alerts.

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*Your wireless carrier may charge you a fee for text messages, which are required in order to use this service. Please check with your wireless carrier for fee details. Tyndall does not charge a fee for this service.