Although financial institutions are a prime target of scam emails, phone calls and text messages, many other well-known organizations/companies are consistently targeted as well. From time to time, we are alerted to fraudulent e-mails and other types of messages that are supposedly from organizations related to the Credit Union industry (NCUA, CUNA, etc.) or from other well-known companies. If you receive an email that seems to be from NCUA, CUNA, or the IRS, for example, and the message is asking you to confirm, verify, or update your account information, it is a scam. The logos may look real, but these emails are not from these organizations/companies. Do not respond to these emails.

July 8, 2013 - Fake Credit Score Pop-up Message

Periodically, when you click on a financial institution's web site, you may get a pop-up box that is designed to look like it is sponsored by that particular financial institution. Often, this pop-up box appears when you click to log into Online Banking, so it definitely gets your attention. This company has no connection, whatsoever, to any financial institution - it usually even states that in the fine print. It is strictly designed to get you to purchase their product. Do not click on the link; simply close the box and continue with your business.

Click here to see samples of this pop-up message.

November 24, 2011 - BBB Phishing Email

People have reported receiving a scam email that seems to be from the Better Business Bureau. The latest round of phishing emails appear to come from “,” “,” “,” and other spoofed email addresses. The emails include text BBB's trademarked BBB Accredited Business seal. Please click here to view a sample of the email.

Do not click on the link in the email!

Guard your account information as you guard your wallet.

Do not provide your account number, check/debit card number, credit card number, PIN, or other financial information to anyone through a link in an email. You should not provide it to anyone by phone either, unless you initiated the call and are certain you are speaking with the correct person.