Learning about money, credit, and financial responsibility can be boring. That's why we decided to make it fun. Regardless of your age, you are sure to have fun with these games. And who knows? You may even learn something at the same time.

Googolplex (Grade School) - Learn about money and saving the fun way, with fun stories, riddles, and games.

Get money-saving tips, games, and calculators for Middle School students at AJ's by Googolplex (Middle School).

  • Learn to set money goals, make a saving plan, create a budget, and more. Click here to visit It's My Life. Videos, crossword puzzles, word search games, and helpful articles help you manage your money.
  • Watch some of your favorite PBSKids® characters in fun videos about money. Click here to watch and learn.
  • Play Mad Money - Want to buy something special? Play Mad Money and see if you can save up enough money in 30 days to buy it. It's not so easy.
  • Play games with some of your favorite PBSKids® characters to learn to earn and save money. Click here to watch and learn.
  • Want to know how long it will take you to save for that new bike? Or, maybe you want to know how much it will cost to take care of your pet hamster. Calculate it here!

Design Your Own Bill

Ed's Bank

Dollar Drive

Money Metropolis

Road Trip to Savings

Cash Puzzler

Peter Pig's Money Counter

Marvel Spider-Man and the Avenders Saving the Day Comic Book
This digital comic book help to teach kids the importance of saving money.

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