A great deal on a car starts with a great loan.

Here’s the deal: you can get the car at the price you want by shopping for your loan before you go to the dealership. Tyndall works with you to get a monthly payment that fits perfectly into your budget—as well as flexible terms and convenient tools for monitoring and tracking.

What should you take into account when picking the right loan? Tyndall's tips:

  • Great rates are important, but they aren’t everything.
  • Seek out flexible terms—things like payment amounts, due dates, ways to pay, even payoff flexibility.
  • What kinds of incentives or premiums are being offered?  Consider the value of signing bonuses—free gas, no payments up front, or other extras.
  • Will the loan allow you to track and monitor payments? Convenience is key.
  • Your credit score determines your interest rate.  Know your score to make better buying decisions.
  • Ask about first-time buyer discounts.
  • Consider the benefits of working with a local loan provider. You can meet face-to-face and expect faster turnaround times.

Start with Tyndall and we’ll give you the best negotiating tool you can have—a pre-approved draft. It's much easier to get the vehicle and the price you want when the dealer knows you've already got your financing in hand.

Get your pre-approved draft right away. Apply online, call our Lending Center at 850-747-4321 (877-747-4321, toll-free), or speak with a Financial Sales Representative at any branch location today.

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